About Me

My name is Tom Bird, and I am a Brighton based designer with a love of all things design.

With over 7 years experience – derived from working in corporate, agency and freelance environments – I am a very versatile desinger willing to adapt whilst understanding the needs of the business.

Primarily from a design background, I also have a solid working knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, which allows my design approach to consider the abilities and limitations of web to deliver an innovative and responsive experience. I can comfortably take a project from brainstorming / researching using personas and segmentation to prototyping and visual design, all the way to building a digital asset ready for testing.

My true passion lies with UX and digital design. I thrive off the challenge of problem solving and creating innovative solutions to ensure a user’s experience is as streamlined and enjoyable as possible. Whether this is a responsive website, mobile app or simply a standalone digital asset, I find the whole process a valuable learning experience with each new project.

If you would like to discuss a project, please get in touch.